Laser Meter Bosch GLM 250 VF Professional

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Detail Laser Meter Bosch GLM 250 VF Professional

Laser Meter Bosch GLM 250 VF Professional : Product Details GLM 250 VF Professional provides the largest measurement range of all comparable devices on the market. It measures distances from 0.05 to 250 meters with a typical accuracy of 1mm. The integrated target optics of the GLM 250 VF make work outdoors easier. The laser point is also visible in difficult lighting conditions and over distances of up to 250 meters. The rubberised casing makes the device very rugged. The instrument and battery compartment are protected against dust and splashes according to IP 54. The GLM 250 VF Professional provides numerous useful measurement and calculation functions. Apart from the usual area and volume calculation as well as simple Pythagoras for indirect height measurement, there are seven other functions: Combined Pythagoras for partial height measurement, double Pythagoras for convenient tripod measurements and height calculations at inaccessible positions, trapezoid function for measuring roof inclinations, timer function for precise measuring with tripod or from difficult measuring points, and a surveying function to mark recurring distances. The Minimum-Maximum function can be used in combination with all other measurements. Up to ten times faster than with a folding rule and pocket calculator, the wall area function determines the total area of several walls with the same room height. The device can also add new measured values to or subtract them from stored measured values. The user sets all the functions on the clearly arranged button pad marked with intuitive symbols. The measurement results and device settings are easy to read on the large illuminated four-line display. The GLM 250 VF Professional automatically saves the last 30 measurements. The folding multifunction measuring pin ensures flexibility when measuring inaccessible positions or outer edges. Ideal for outdoor use: integrated telescopic viewfinder for optimum visibility of the laser point up to a distance of 250 m Maximum measurement performance and precision, even in adverse lighting conditions, due to large glass lens and ceramic optics carrier Numerous easy-to-operate measurement functions for fast and accurate calculation of distances, areas and volumes Robust for use on the construction site due to dust and splash protection of IP54 Spesifikasi : Laser diode 635 nm, < 1 mW Measurement range 0, 05 – 250 m Laser class 2 Measurement accuracy, typical ± 1 mm Measurement time, typical < 0.5 s Measuring time, max. 4 s Power supply 4 x 1.5 V LR03 ( AAA) Automatic deactivation 4 mins Weight, approx. 0, 24 kg Length 120 mm Width 66 mm Height 37 mm Units of measure m/ cm/ mm Memory capacity ( values) 30 Battery lifetime, individual measurements, approx. 30.000 Battery lifetime, operating time, approx. 5 h Dust and splash protection IP 54 adalah situs belanja online yang bergerak dalam bidang penjualan Alat Survey, Digital Instrument, GPS (Global Positioning System), Surveying Instruments, Test and Measurement, Radio Komunikasi dan Satelite Communication, Telecommunication, Peralatan Marine/Kelautan, Alat Teknik, Alat Ukur/Uji Beton, Perkakas dan Peralatan Geologi.

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